an interactive mobile application that coaches individuals through panic attacks using biofeedback and data collection


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Interested in how PanicMechanic got its start? Check out a word from our CEO and her experience with panic attacks.

How does it work?

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Featured Works

“I found it helpful being able to see my heart rate and monitor my progress throughout my panic attack. It made my panic attacks feel objective and it allowed me to focus on the physiological aspects of the attack as opposed to the spiraling thoughts in my head”

“The time I used it when I felt a panic attack coming on it helped encourage me through it and stay in tune with myself. Rather than freaking out and feeling like I was dying, I saw that my heart rate was just slightly elevated and fluctuating, and I knew that the attack was temporary and I could work through it”

“I found the app helpful for redirecting attention to something that requires focus. This helped take my attention away from the attack and calm me down”

What is happening to your body during a panic attack? What triggered it?

PanicMechanic provides real time answers to these questions, giving you control over your panic. Download PanicMechanic today to overcome your panic attacks whenever and wherever they happen.